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Economics () is the social science that studies the production, distribution, and consumption of goods and services.
Magnum vectigal est parsimonia.
Economy is a great revenue.
In my youth it was said that what was too silly to be said may be sung. In modern economics it may be put into mathematics.
Ronald Coase, The firm, the market and the law (1988) Chapter 6. A remark on "The problem of social cost" (last sentence).
Economics is a subject that really relates to core aspects of human well-being, and there’s a methodology for thinking about these things. This was a very appealing combination to me. Market systems are capable of massive breakdowns that can result in long, devastating periods of high unemployment. And I felt that economists had really learned something about how to address that.
Janet Yellen, in "The Hand on the Lever" in The New Yorker (July 21, 2014) by Nicholas Lemann

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