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Childhood Neuro and Psycomotricity

Terapia della neuro e psicomotricità dell'età evolutiva

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Subject area: medicine, health care
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Childhood is the age span ranging from birth to adolescence. According to Piaget's theory of cognitive development, childhood consists of two stages: preoperational stage and concrete operational stage. In developmental psychology, childhood is divided up into the developmental stages of toddlerhood (learning to walk), early childhood (play age), middle childhood (school age), and adolescence (puberty through post-puberty). Various childhood factors could affect a person's attitude formation.
Your children were vexation to your youth,
But mine shall be a comfort to your age.
William Shakespeare, Richard III (c. 1591), Act IV, scene 4, line 305.
The wildest colts make the best horses.
Plutarch, Life of Themistocles.
And he who gives a child a treat
Makes Joy-bells ring in Heaven's street,
And he who gives a child a home
Builds palaces in Kingdom come,
And she who gives a baby birth,
Brings Saviour Christ again to Earth.
John Masefield, Everlasting Mercy, Stanza 50.
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