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Wrocław, Poland

Antiquity and Archaeology

Language: EnglishStudies in English
Subject area: physical science, environment
Kind of studies: full-time studies
The Faculty of Historical and Pedagogical Sciences, University of Wrocław is a leading history and archaeology center in Poland involved in a vast array of exchange programs and in the EU-funded International Doctoral Program 'The Eastern Mediterranean from the 4th c. BC until late antiquity' conducted jointly with the University of Liverpool, UK. Building upon its research and teaching experience it offers now a new all-English BA program 'Antiquity and Archaeology'. It is a six-semester program, in principal based in Wrocław but students are encouraged to take part in archaeological excavations in Poland and in the Mediterranean and to take advantage of one-semester mobility within LLP Erasmus at one of the Partner Universities abroad (list of Partner Universities here). 'Antiquity and Archaeolgy' is an interdisciplinary program balanced between studying the classical world, ancient Egypt, Mesopotamia, Central Asia, India and European archaeology. It offers a choice of ancient languages, research skills classes and hands-on experience in archaeology. The foremost principle of this program is the freedom of choice as the great majority of classes are elective.