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Wind and Percussion Instruments

Blasinstrumente und Schlagwerk

Language: GermanStudies in German
Subject area: arts
Qualification: BA
Bachelor of Arts (BA)
8 Semester
240 ECTS
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Wind is the flow of gases on a large scale. On the surface of the Earth, wind consists of the bulk movement of air. In outer space, solar wind is the movement of gases or charged particles from the Sun through space, while planetary wind is the outgassing of light chemical elements from a planet's atmosphere into space. Winds are commonly classified by their spatial scale, their speed, the types of forces that cause them, the regions in which they occur, and their effect. The strongest observed winds on a planet in the Solar System occur on Neptune and Saturn. Winds have various aspects, an important one being its velocity (wind speed); another the density of the gas involved; another its energy content or wind energy. Wind is also a great source of transportation for seeds and small birds; with time things can travel thousands of miles in the wind.
Voiceless it cries
Wingless flutters
Toothless bites,
Mouthless mutters.
The Hobbit Ch.5, written by J.R.R. Tolkien
Wind of the sunny south! oh, still delay
In the gay woods and in the golden air,
Like to a good old age released from care,
Journeying, in long serenity, away.
In such a bright, late quiet, would that I
Might wear out life like thee, mid bowers and brooks,
And, dearer yet, the sunshine of kind looks,
And music of kind voices ever nigh;
And when my last sand twinkled in the glass,
Pass silently from men as thou dost pass.
William Cullen Bryant, October, line 5.
What wind blew you hither, Pistol?
Not the ill wind which blows no man to good.
William Shakespeare, Henry IV, Part II (c. 1597-99), Act V, scene 3, line 89.
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